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Get Bangla Voice Clock
Go Get a Freeware Bangla Voice clock [Version 1.1]   
Want to know me? 
It is just a description of myself.  
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The Quantum Foundation, Bangladesh 
My spiritual home. Though the site is not a great looking one but you may find something there also. 
Let us discuss about our favorit capital city.. 
World Health Organization, Bangladesh 
The home page of the WHO, Bangladesh. Describes the health related activities in Bangladesh. 

Welcome    !    Welcome    !!    Welcome    !!!  Welcome to my page. 

My intention was to make this page a great one
but because of some constraints, time may be one, I could not.

I am now trying to put little by little. 

You are most welcome to make suggestions and comments on the page.
Actually, I need some suggestion from experts like you. Will you please? 
Visit again.  Thanks ...... 

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by Q A M Khaled Ferdaus