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National Consultant

World Health Organization

House No. 12, Road No. 7

Dhanmondi Residential Area

Dhaka-1205, BANGLADESH


Telephone: (880)-2-864653 or (880)-2-864654

FAX: (880)-2-863247



Date of Birth : July 27, 1958

 Permanent Address : 140/2 West Agargaon

Dhaka-1207, BANGLADESH


Nationality : Bangladeshi

Marital Status : Married

Language Known : Bangla (native language), English, Japanese (preliminary)


Academic Qualification:




Name of the Institution




Division/ Class

Board / University


Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University



CGPA 3.65

Dhaka University


Engineering College, Rajshahi

B Sc. M E

1979 (1982)

2nd Class

Rajshahi University


Dhaka College



2nd Div

Dhaka Board


Dhanmondi Govt. Boys' School



1st Div

Dhaka Board


  1. Attended a workshop on Effective Communication and Human Relation on May 26-28, 1984 sponsored by Urea Fertilizer Factory Limited, Ghorasal and conducted by Rapport Bangladesh Limited, Dhaka.
  2. Undergone training in the Railway Training Academy, Chittagong and at different locations over the entire railway system, from May 1985 to December 1986.
  3. Undergone training on Design and Maintenance of Diesel Electric Locomotives and Traction Motors at HITACHI Limited, Japan from September 21 to December 26, 1988.
  4. Attended a one-month training course on basic computer operations (Operating system, Database management system, Spreadsheet operations) organized by Bangladesh Railway in the month of August 1989.
  5. Attended a training course on Management Information System (MIS) at Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) Training Center, organized by Center for Systems Development, Dhaka, from December 9 to 14, 1989.
  6. Received training on XENIX/UNIX Operating System, SCO Office Portfolio, an office automation package under XENIX/UNIX, FoxBase+ organized by Motive Power and Mechanical Engineering Department of Bangladesh Railway from July 1 to July 15, 1990.
  7. Received training on SCO Open Server Network (TCP/IP, NFS etc.).
  8. Attended a training course on ORACLE RDBMS Systems from June 1 to June 21, 1994, in Technohaven Company, Lalmatia, Dhaka
  9. Attended a training course on Windows NT courses (core and system administration) organized by local Microsoft distributor and Microsoft certified training institute.



Work Experience:


Positions held with duration

Major Responsibilities

December 1, 1996 to till date

National Consultant

(Information Technology Specialist)

World Health Organization Bangladesh

· system administration and management of the LAN and WAN

· planning, designing, and installation of the local area network (UNIX / NT Server, Windows 95/3.1, NT Workstation clients)

· configuration and installation of Internet mail-server for the WHO, Bangladesh office

· analysis, design, and development of the information/activity monitoring system for in-house use

· training of the personnel

· hardware requirement planning, procurement, and their installation management

· systematize the information gathering process and mechanism related to planning, management, monitoring, and evaluation of WHO program/activity,

· identifying the major problems in implementation etc.

December 1, 1994 to November 30,1996

National Consultant

Development of MIS for Health Sector

World Health Organization Bangladesh

· review and analysis of the previously done ‘Health Information need assessment’

· analyzing, designing, and drafting the information system for the Health Sector.

· development and implementation of the MIS-System for the health services

· training of MIS personnel on the designed system

· hardware requirement planning and their installation

· management of software development

· identification of major problems in implementation etc.

March 14, 1993 to November 30, 1994

Mechanical Engineer (Running & Fuel)

Bangladesh Railway

· procurement, supply and distribution of all kinds of fuel over the Bangladesh Railway System,

· budget preparation and review relating to operational fuel

· monitoring the operation, maintenance, and supply of locomotives, carriages and other rolling stocks.

· software development and implementation management for the fuel system

· management of the UNIX based computer network system,

· data analysis and forecasting / planning the activities, physical and financial, etc.

July 22, 1989 to March 13, 1993

Mechanical Engineer/HQ

Bangladesh Railway at Chittagong

· administrative functions

· assisted Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) in respect of i) planning & programming of repair of rolling stocks in different workshops including financial planning, ii) preparation of budget for Mechanical Engineering Department, iii) personnel establishment in CME's HQ office etc.

· managed and administered the computer system (PC UNIX)

· developed software for different administrative needs


Additional major assignments performed :

i) member of two-member task force for identification of redundant staff of Bangladesh Railway, their re-deployment and training in the process of recovery program of Bangladesh Railway.


ii) managed and administered the data capture, edit and correction operation for the primary staff database of Bangladesh Railway. The database manipulation package was also designed and developed.


iii) member of three-member task force for re-fixing the man power requirement of Bangladesh Railway.


Concurrently worked as

Works Manager (construction)

Bangladesh Railway.

(from January 10, 1990 to April 14, 1990)


· repair and maintenance of carriage and wagons

· production of spares required in maintenance of rolling stocks.

· management and supervision of different activities of wheel shop, welding shop, machine shop, paint shop, drawing and planning, undergear and bogie shop, production shop etc.

· logistics and supplies management and liaison with stores offices for procurement of stores

· execution of policy decisions framed by the Chief Mechanical Engineer.

· management and administration of a work force of about 3000 skilled, semiskilled and unskilled personnel.

· special assignment on development of the software for the shopping program for carriage and wagon.

August 16 to September 18, 1988

and January 24 to July 7, 1989.

Mechanical Engineer (Planning and Development)

Project Management Organization

Bangladesh Railway at Chittagong

· scrutiny of technical documents regarding procurement of plants and machinery

· procurement of plant and machinery

· inspection, layout planning , and installation of the plant and machinery

· monitoring and evaluation of the project progress


February 16 to August 20, 1988

Worked as Divisional Mechanical Engineer

Bangladesh Railway, Pahartali, Chittagong


· passenger and freight train operation

· maintenance of meter gauge locomotives, carriages, and other rolling stocks

· preparation of passenger and freight train timetables, passenger car link and locomotive link diagrams

· uses and distribution of fuel and lubricants

· liaison with workshop for repair of carriage and locomotives

· relief / salvage operations supervision in the event of train accidents

· management and administrative functions of a work force of about 1000 technical and administrative personnel.

January 13, 1987 to February 11, 1988

Assistant Mechanical Engineer (Loco)

Bangladesh Railway, Dhaka

  • Maintenance of meter gauge diesel electric locomotives
  • Inspection of actual performance of the locomotives on run.
  • Commissioning of the locomotives
  • Management of a work force of 300 technical and administrative personnel.


May 11, 1985 to January 13, 1987

Assistant Mechanical Engineer (Probationer)

Bangladesh Railway, Chittagong

  • Received training on different fields of Bangladesh Railway

January 16, 1983 to May 10, 1985

Assistant Engineer (Instrumentation)

Urea Fertilizer Factory, Ghorasal.

  • Layout planning and installation of the process control instruments
  • Maintenance of process control instruments
  • Regular / annual overhauling and BMRE (balancing, modernization, rehabilitation, and erection) operations
  • Managing the workforce




Computer skill:

  1. Operating system: DOS, WINDOWS (3.11, 95, & NT), XENIX, UNIX, Linux.
  2. Computer Software Development Language: 'BASIC’, ‘Clipper', 'C', ‘Visual BASIC’
  3. Application Programs and Utilities: MS-Office (Word, Excel, Access, etc.), dBASE, Foxbase & FoxPro, WordPerfect, WordStar, LOTUS-123, Lyrix, Integra, ORACLE, FlagShip, VISIO, etc.

  5. Internet Utilities: Sendmail/Smail, Apache WEB Server, IIS, EMWACS Email Server, PN Real Audio Server (Real Player), etc.

  7. A partial list of developed software of different administrative interests:


(a) Manpower analyses for Bangladesh Railway:

· Preparation of database for 56000 employees;

· Preparation of age profile;

· Superannuating forecasting and

· Staff Management system.

This package was developed to help implement Recovery Program of Bangladesh Railway. The processed data ware later acquired by ADB and the World Bank consultants for formulating policies in respect of manpower planning for Bangladesh Railway.

(b) Locomotive Maintenance Management:

· Inspection and repair schedule of locomotives;

· Identification of locomotives failed on run;

· Analyses of causes for road failures;

· Calculation of locomotive hire charges and similar costing factors; and

· Management Information System

This package was developed to help the Management get information on locomotive maintenance and operation.

(c) Shopping program of rolling stocks for carriage and wagon workshops:

· Information on total stock;

· Information on carriages available for service;

· Age profile of the coaching stock of the fleet;

· Information on different classes of carriages awaiting repair and

· Short and long term program forecast for shopping.

The Carriage and Wagon workshop of Bangladesh Railway is using this software for maintenance planning, spares procurement and production/outturn etc.

(d) Human resource information management system for Human Resources Development Project of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare:

· Information on human resources of the health sector

· Contains more than 50 output formats

· Identifies the sectoral and institutional human resources

· Reports about the status of the human resources

· Reports about the available health & family planning facilities all over the country

· Easy to use code for all the health and family planning institutes, district, thana, etc.

· more than 50 output forms of various personnel analysis needs

· analysis of human resources on different perspectives like gender issues, specialties, class of personnel, locality, etc.

· and more ...


(e) Equipment monitoring and management system for the WHO office in Dhaka:

· Information on all the equipment and vehicles

· Information on the status of the vehicles and equipment

· Information on maintenance status and their cost

· Report on the user of the equipment and vehicles

· Report on the date of commissioning of the equipment and vehicle and their handing over date to the users

· List of the users of the equipment and vehicles, and more..

(f) Simple library database management system for the WHO Representative’s Office, Dhaka


(g) Computerized fuel Management System has been designed to cater the need of different operation divisions/units of Bangladesh Railway. This would enhance operation capabilities in respect of fuel distribution, rationing, supply, storage etc. Network facilities have been designed on hardware and software requirements.


(h) Arranged and conducted training on computer operations, various application & customized software packages, database & worksheet operations, word processing etc. for the Railway Personnel. Administered and managed the on-job training for the railway man, who are now engaged in office management tasks, MIS and other data/information processing etc.


(i) Worked on Multi-metal Oil Analyzer (MOA), a computerized spectro photometer based oil analyzer. Installed and operated the software package used for this MOA equipment.


(j) Gathered experience on UNIX and Windows NT based systems. Administered the UNIX and Windows network (LAN and WAN).


(k) Developed a client/server utility used to change password in Linux machine from windows clients using a GUI interface. Further developing it to use it for multiple machines and platforms. Initially conceived the idea on the security point (avoid allowing users to log into email server).


(l) Other software developed/used:

Developed a number of other software viz. printer driver for text files, house keeping tools for system administration, basic utility for database management system.