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DV-2000 Green Card Lottery Entry Forms

It seems difficult to make forms for DV programs. I have tried to automate this task using MS Access 97 and MS Word 97. There are four files ( dv2000.mdb, dv200ma.doc, dv2000en.doc, dv2000m.doc zipped into dv-2000.exe), one word macro, two Word mail merge master documents and one Access data file, will help you create DV forms automatically as you enter data for applicants and  their spouse and children.

To start with, first unzip the pack by running the dv-2000.exe file. It will extract the three files. Open the Access data file to enter data for the applicants first. This will start a data entry form. Where you see the data required for the DV programs with some additional information to link one person's record with his/her spouse and children. The key field is the 'ID' field which is the key to link spouse and the main applicant and will be automatically assigned by the system. After entering main/required data for DV Program, you need to enter data required for the links. The links are the 'ID' s of the individual records. You have to put the appropriate ID into the link fields. It is better to enter the main information first and then review the information and enter the link information.

Please see the following demonstration for easy understanding:
ID     Last Name         First Name    ...........    .........    ..........    ........    Country of Birth        Native Country
12     Kabir                 Enamul                                                                Bangladesh
13     Begum               Monowara                                                           Bangladesh
14     Kabir                 Zahid                                                                   Bangladesh

Lets discuss the above, Mr. Kabir is one applicant and Ms Begum is his wife and Zahid is their son. In this case two forms should be generated ( considering Zahid as a minor child who is less than 16 years of age). To do this you first enter their personal information and then remember their id generated enter those IDs into the link fields like, in Mr. Kabir's record enter 13 as Spouse link and 14 as Child 1 link and in Ms Begum's record enter 12 as Spouse link and 14 as  Child 1 link.

You do not have to enter native country information if your country of birth and native country is the same.
You may not need to enter country for your mailing address if it is the same as country of birth.

After entering all the data, open the two master mail merge documents, one for main forms and other for the envelops. After opening start mail merge in a new document and you are ready to print the forms and envelops. Envelope format is for #10 envelops.

Download the self extracting exe file (177 KB).
Download the zip file (112 KB) (you will need PKZIP/WinZip utilities).

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